The Little One

The Little One

Scene 1 HOPE

Prison cell. The Little One sits on the floor, next to her there is a dove in a cage. She speaks to the dove.

I’ve found you. The stage is empty again. I hear your scream. We are lost in the bodiless space. You know, I’ll tell you a secret, I can see anymore. Weird, isn’t it? But true. Truth is most important. Without it, you can’t live, something like the water, air, something like… I don’t know, like a gentle touch… around midnight, on the nipples of the thirsty breasts of a girl without a feeling. If I tell you to touch me…

I have feelings… I know to hate. A moment, two… a step, two and pain. Blunt pain on the barren heart. Mud. We are sinking. I thought that I’d found you. Is the game beginning or has it just finished?! Excuse me!?… I can’t hear anymore, I’m sorry! Once there were secrets. I’ve killed them all, but one, I lost that one. I’ve no more secrets. Once I wanted to reach the sun. To move up, to pass through walls. I wanted to be transparent, something like the air. Zucco appeared and he told me: In vain, you’ll never reach the sun!… I frowned, I started to cry. Is this why I waited for you Roberto, is this what I longed for. And… I decided to reach the sun. I started, I arrived, I saw, I reached my arms and… silence… I hate you Roberto. I hate you… and, I wanted to keep all of your secrets, I wanted to be the suitcase of your secrets… but, now, now I hate you…

I reached my arms, the sun was very far. You betrayed me and you run away, my love… And I decided to kill all the secrets, but one… I lost it. After it ha disappeared, I said that I killed you. You hear, I said I killed you… I said I killed you. I remember, you were the last secret. I think that I’ll find you. I think that this time I’ll reach the sun. I’ll walk underground. That’s the only way to the sun. I know, I know the stage is empty again. You don’t have to remind me. But, I can hear your scream. We’re lost in the bodiless space. I walk downwards, towards the ground.
I’ll tell you a secret. I can’t see anymore, the sun blinded me. Maybe that’s why I can’t see you. Weird, isn’t it!? But true.
She hears screams, she lies in bed, crumbling. The dove moves its wings in the cage.

AuthorSema Ali
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