Nothing without Trifolio

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Nothing without Trifolio

Act one, Scene 1
Act one, Scene 2

Translated by Alan McConnel-Duff

A comedy in Greco-Roman style
Written after an encounter
with the effervescent spirit
of the Roman comic playwright
Publius TERENCE Africanus which,
released from its master’s body in the year 159 B.C.,
has gone on wandering through the centuries.


Cantarion, an old man
Lavandula, Cantarion’s wife
Petunia, Cantarion’s older daughter
Melissa, Cantarion’s younger daughter
Trifolio, a friend in deed
Miles Gloriosus Rosmarinus, commander of an infantry battalion
Hibiscus, an old man
Pinus, Hibiscus’s younger son
Adonis, Hibiscus’s older son
Camellia, Cantarion’s illegitimate daughter

AuthorRusomir Bogdanovski
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