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Poetry – D. A. Lori

One life, one death
I will look after the body
I keep quiet

I keep quiet

The first day they told me you are disappearing
I shrank, I became thick and blurry,
I was like a crossword in which
all the words were unknown to me.

The first day you were gone
I cracked, like a ripe watermelon
where you stick a knife, and it splits in half.
I was opened up; I was ripe for pain.

The first forty days lasted two years.
I saw you smiling, with combed hair, crying,
knee-deep in mud, perched on a roof, tied to a cloud.
Between you and me, not a touch, not a voice.

The first three months dragged on
like a worm on wet earth.
I came to you with a soldier’s stomp,
I left as if stepping on slippery rocks.
That flame of the candle that fought with the wind,
was braver than me.

I am going to ask you something,
you may answer not.
Are you sure you are dead?!

i am 20 years old,
life is wonderfully
complicated and has a flavor
of sleepless nights
and fear of not knowing,
i am terrified of mistakes
i wish I could wake up
in the time without sound,
in a time when everything
that exists today
was not touched yet,
it hasn’t clashed yet.
the silence is soothing.

i’m starting to feel
the freedom of recognition
that I know nothing
that I’m wrong
that it is not
the problem.

i am 39 years old.
i knew that one day
you will be gone
and I will not dare
to look for you.
my body begins
to reacts
to your absence,
my soul buries
its head in the sand
it speaks to me
in her language –
vowels only.
i wonder what
to do with this,
that I miss you,
it crawls like a worm,
cut it off, and it moves again
and moves with all its hunger.
I become your body too,
with pain, creaky bones
and juicy curses.
I pass.

the past is a rumble of
a storm you see
in the distance,
and passes you by.

AuthorD.A. Lori
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