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Poetry – D. A. Lori

One life, one death
I will look after the body
I keep quiet

One life, one death

We meet, two strangers,
on a bridge stretched between two mountains,
here, at the most difficult point,
our times meet:
the time before we met,
and all that will be hereafter.

We are two out of four out of a thousand
Pacific salmon eggs
that were not pressed under a stone,
that were not stung by the beak of a bird.
How special does that make us?!

Here we both are, with one life for each
and a long journey to the sea, where we will live,
and a long way back down through the river, where we will die.
One life one death
and all loves, all patches
of the spirit and the body,
and all the time we are given,
and we are both in it.


these are the last days
of my youth;
the body begins to
drag behind the spirit,
the heavy step of
time is getting faster.
the giant in me unleashes
its weight,
his body peels, his skin falls off,
he starts to peek out from the inside
as the man he always was.
once he learns to love
then he learns what he wants.
first, he learns to walk upright,
then he learns to leave upright.

the youthful Yes to everything leaves me,
now I am learning to say No.

AuthorD.A. Lori
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