The Slavic Chest

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The Slavic Chest

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(Seven years later. Hook’s café. Night. From outside the first thunder of spring. Hook sits alone at the bar. His back turned towards the entrance, he wipes glasses and vainly examines himself in the mirror. Bells dangle from the door, announcing entries. The door opens. Puppet enters; casts a long wondering look at the bells. He wears a rubber coat. Carries a suitcase and places it in front of the bar. Remains standing. Still looking in the mirror Hook turns pale. Stops wiping glasses. A long pause. Only the bells ring. Finally, Puppet places a coin on the bar.)

HOOK: (Does not turn.) The bar’s closed, sir.
(Resumes wiping glasses.)
PUPPET: So, I’m free, and you’re behind bars.
(Puppet gets his luggage and heads slowly to the door.)
HOOK: And you believe that you can just come in and make yourself at home? (Turns. Trembles. Removes his shirt, revealing a large bruise on his belly.)
PUPPET: I just wanted to tell you I was sorry.
(Hook pours whiskey. Puts the glass on the bar. Takes the coin and puts it in his pocket.)
HOOK: Drink it and go, Puppet.
PUPPET: I want to talk to you.
HOOK: There’s nothing to talk about.
(Hook looks around, as if dreading that someone’s coming.)
PUPPET: I’m not popular, eh?
HOOK: Be at the old place at midnight, we’ll talk.
(Puppet puts the glass on the bar. Takes the suitcase and heads towards the door. Hook turns his back again and washes glasses. Puppet stops and turns back.He wants to ask something, but Hook speaks first.)
HOOK: Don’t look for her. She isn’t here.
(Puppet shakes his head as if he understands.)
HOOK: Do you still love her?
(PUPPET keeps silent.)
HOOK: You served seven years for her, you have the right to love her.
PUPPET: A right to love her?
(Puppet shakes his head again as if trying to understand Hook’s words. Heads towards the door, but stops.)
PUPPET: I want you to know how sorry I am…
HOOK: You’ve already said that.
PUPPET: … to have missed you. If I had shot you… you wouldn’t have been able to tell me… that I had the right to love her.
(Leaves. The sound of thunder. Hook stands in awe. The bells ring.)

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