Pocket Full of Magic

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Pocket Full of Magic

While watching a play, contemporary lonely child doesn’t wonder (as his parents an watchman’s do) “Do I want to be good?” but “Who I want to be?” If the fairytale character is a good person, then the child decides to be good, too. The characters that live on the Theatre for children and youth’s stage in Skopje clash with children’s and grownups’ everyday existential fears – need for love, fear of being worthless, love for life and fear of death.

Mogly – The Child of the Jungle

#3 Every child that identifies with excellent Igor Madžirov, as Mogly – child taken by the wolves, feels powerful to defeat his biggest enemies – grownups. Fluid and elastic body with which this actor rules outstanding, gives security to his faithful audience – that they can also do what ever they wont. Eternally actual and existential question “To be a human or a wolf?” Bulgarian director Bonjo Lungov make it come alive before children’s eyes with excellent coordinated actors: Ana Levajkovikj, Dragan Dovlev, Tanja Kochovska, Predrag Pavlovski, Olgica Hristovska, Izabela Novotni and Vladimir Lazovski.
Jungle of sponges and virtual animal puppets lives of this small theatre stage with existing speed of a cartoon.


#2 This half–puppet version of a well-known fairytale, paints the parallel words of actors and puppets, but it also paints that the world isn’t always a fairytale.
Talented director Dragan Dovlev presents his vision of falling into the life’s bottom only as a necessary step for a man to become as a necessary step for a man to become capable of realizing his biggest potentials. Every child identifies win Cinderella (Ana Levajkovikj), and thinks: “You can make me do all the dirty things and I’ll pretend that I’m dirty, but I know that you behave like that because you are jealous that I’m better than you.” Novotni, Kochovska, Hristovska and Lazovski use the wide space for actor’s improvisations for parallel characterization between puppets and those that always hold them in their hands.

Beauty and the Beast

#1 The fairytale world in these children musical is developed to perfection with the scenery and Aleksandar Noshpal’s costume-graphy. Every child wishes to have the courage and energy of the pharisaic Grasshopper (Tanja Kochovska) and the fluid and sacrifice of the Beauty (Levajkovikj).
Dimitar Hristov, the director, with help of actors: Dovlev, Lazovski, Hristovska, Novotni and Madžirov, simply decided to solve this performance as a combat for maturity where love wins everything.
To keep its most faithful audience – children’s attention, this theatre can, with its actor’s company positive energy, company those breaths as one, to entertain and make curiosity. In order to rich children’s life and to make their imagination to understand and solve “Little” life problems by themselves, it gifts them flyers – paint-books. With painting their heroes, children live the world subjective and bring certain order in their minds chaos, in order to understand themselves better. You come out of the theatre with unrepeatable feeling that your pocket is full with magic.

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