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Project Description

Zorana Maravić was born in 1985 in Belgrade. She graduated from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade. Through her work, she has actively participated in changes in society, raising awareness on the importance of democracy and human rights. She held trainings on the rights of citizens in local communities. She graduated cello from the music high school “Dr. Vojislav Vucković”. She has been a member of various chamber groups and orchestras. She writes fragmentary prose and poetry. Parts of her novel have been published on the regional literary portals Strane and Astronaut. The lyrics of her poem “The Warrior’s Heart” along with the lyrics by Olja Savicevic Ivancevic were read as part of the JAB – Biennale of Art in Jelsa 2021 project. This is her first manuscript. She lives in Belgrade and Jelsa on Hvar.

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