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Teki Dervishi was born in town of Gjakovo (Kosovo) in 1943. After the studies at The University of Prishtina, (The Institute of Philosophy and Literature) he has worked as a litterary critic, essayist and theater-critic in several Albanian newspapers and magazines. However, what makes Teki Dervishi a prominent intellectual is certainly his litterary work, as well as his anticommunist attitude of a real political dissident. As early as in the beggining of sixties, because of his political beliefs, he was imprissoned by the Yugoslav regime and spent 3 years of his life in one the most notorious communist prisons of the time called “Goli Otok” (“Naked Island”, a prison which probably respond to the Russian version of Stalin’s labour camps or “Gulags”).
Teki Dervishi is the author of 18 dramatical pieces as well as the author of a great number of novels, books of poetry, short stories and essays on literature and theater. A great number of fragments taken from his books has already been translated to a number of European languages.
His theatre works are: The Tamer of People With the Smaragd Eyes – 1977, Assassination at the Tavern – 1978 , Illyric King – 1985, 1995, The Hill of Sorrow –1987, Exhumation of Pjetër Bogdani – 1990 , The Spring of Books – 1990, The Border with Fatherland – 1994, Vojcek – 1995, Return of Xhemë Gostivari – 1995, Late Coming Bones – 1998.

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