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Born in Skopje (Macedonia), 1968. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje, department of painting, 1991. MFA at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje, department of painting, 2008. Study visit in Paris, 2003.
She is a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Macedonia (DLUM) since 1996. President of the Artists Association in the Republic of Macedonia since 2006.
She lives and works in Skopje.

Address: Bul. Avnoj 8/3-4 Skopje, Macedonia
Telephone: ++ 398 70 303 636
E-mail: tanjabalac@yahoo.co.uk

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2012 – Skopje, Gallery “Oko”; Ohrid, Summer Festival, installation: “Briefing to life by signing a name”; 2010 – Priština, Kosovo, Umetnicka Galerija; 2009 – Istanbul. Turkey Nazim Hikmet Taxim Art Gallery; 2008 – Skopje, National Gallery of Macedonia, Multimedia Center – Mala Stanica; 2008 – Sofia, Bulgaria, Macedonian Cultural and Information Center in Sofia; 2007 – Malme Sweden, J.T& Art Gallery; 2006 – Maribor, Slovenia, Gallery of the DLUM (Association of Fine Art Artists in Maribor); 2005 – Moscow, Russia, Gallery at the “House of Nationalities”; 2004 – Paris, France, Cité des Arts; – Novi Sad, Serbia, Cultural Center Novi Sad; 2003 – Skopje, Museum of the City of Skopje; 2002 – Belgrade, Serbia, Gallery “Beograd”; Zrenjanin; Serbia, Gallery “Duhovni Centar”; Banja Luka, R. Srpska, Art gallery, “1000 Kilometers Long Love”; 1999 – Skopje, JAT Office (Humanitarian exhibition “For the Children of Yugoslavia” Together Ljupco Bojarov and Vujka Radivojevik Bojarov); 1997 – Skopje, Cultural Information Centre (KIC) (Exhibition on the occasion of the “Metodija Ivanovski-Mende” award)

Group exhibition
She has participated on more than 80 group exhibition, in her homeland and abroad: France, USA, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia, Sweden…

Selected Awards:
2003 – Skopje, Award for painting at the exhibition “Landscape”, DLUM Gallery; 2001 – Skopje, “Nikola Martinovski” Award for drawing at the exhibition “DLUM drawing”, National University Library “St. Kliment Ohridski”; 1996 – Skopje, “Metodija Ivanovski – Mende” award at the exhibition “Small Scale Painting”, Cultural Information Center; 1995 – Skopje, “Konstantin Mazev” award for young artists at the exhibition “Small Scale Painting”, Cultural Information Center; 1992 – Skopje, Award at the Exhibition “The woman – Symbol and inspiration”, Cultural Center “Koco Racin”

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