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poet, novelist, screenplay writer, painter. Born 11th January 1920 in Skopje. Died in Skopje, 2000. Finished technical school. Was director and editor-in-chief of the publishing house “Makedonska kniga” also editor of the literary journals “Nov den”, “Sovremenost” and “Horisont”. Member of the Macedonian P.E.N. Centre. Member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (1967). One-time President of the Council of the Struga Poetry Evenings Festival. Member of the Macedonian Writers’ Association since 1947. Was president of the same Association.
Works: The Blood-stained thread (1945), The railway track of youth with Aco Sopov (1946), Pioneers, Boys and Girls, little insects and Forest Beasts (poetry for children, 1946), A Million Martyrs (poem for children, 1948), The Aegean gunpowder tale (poetry for children, 1949), Poems (1950), The street (a story, 1950), Lyric (1951), The Village beyond the Seven Ashtrees (novel, 1952), Sugar story (a story for children, 1952), Clowns and People (short stories, 1956), The two Marias (novel, 1956), Bread and stone (poetry, 1957), The Sleepwalker (novel, 1959), The Shadow of Karamba Baramba (poetry for children, 1959), Martians and Mice (poetry for children, 1959), Bitter Legends (travelogue, 1962), Both Pain and Rage (novel, 1964), a new version of the novel The village beyond the seven ash-trees (1965), The Gospel according to Peyo the Smart (poetry, 1966), Black and Yellow (poetry for children, 1967), Kainavelia (poetry, 1968), The stubborn ones (novel, 1970), Sultry days (short stories, 1972), The Chest (short stories, 1976), The Chained Apple (poetry, 1978), Astropeus (poetry, 1979), Kites (poetry, 1983), The Miracles of Awfulness – a trilogy made up of: The Legions of St. Adonis, Dog’s Crucifix and Waiting for the plague (1984), The nine Centuries of the Cherub (novel, 1987), Deaf Commands (selection of poetry, 1988), Dog’s Woods (poetry, 1988), Miracle Workers (novel, 1988), Roulette of seven numbers (novel, 1989), The Petrified Orpheus (selection of poetry, 1990), Puppy Paff (prose in verses for children, 1991), Behind the secret door (short stories, 1993), The continent of Kukulino (prose, 1996), Puppy Paff in the town of Sumsul (book for children 1996), Puppy Paff watches from the space (1996), Puppy Paff the master of Dreams (1996), The dump (novel, 2000).
Awards:”11th October”, AVNOJ, “Miladinov Brothers”, Racinovo Priznanie”, “Miroslav Krleza”, “Koco Racin” as well as the award by the publishing house “Misla” for his entire work.

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