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poet, essayist, literary critic, translator. Born 16th September 1948 in the village of Studena Bara, Kumanovo. Graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Skopje. Was a journalist, then editor of the educational programme of Radio Skopje, editor, editor-in-chief and director of the publishing house “Makedonska kniga”, also editor-in-chief of the periodical “Razgledi”. Works at the National Library “Sv.Kliment Ohridski” in Skopje. President of Balkan literary manifestation “Racinovi sredbi”. Member of the Macedonian P.E.N. Centre. Member of the Macedonian Writers’ Association since 1972.
Works: The king of the Swans (poetry, 1972), Lanterns through the fog (poetry, 1977), Golden bough (poetry, 1980), The excitement of the core (essays, 1982), The evening poem (poetry, 1985), Mount Abor (poetry, 1987), The great urge (essays, 1988), Hunting the glow (poetry, 1990), A bay facing clarity (poetry, 1990), Autumn in space (poetry, 1991), The joy of Reading (essays, 1991), Not a day without mushrooms (a book on nature and joy), Kuboa (poetry, 1993), The cover queen (poetry, 1994), In praise of conversation (conversations and essays, 1994), Fear of Silence (essays, 1995), Harmony (poetry,1995), Summit (poetry, 1996), Perfection or perfection (poetical essays, 1997), (Z)aum (epic poem, 1999), The great lyrical poem (essays, 1999). Co-author of “Macedonian literature in literary criticism” in five volumes (1973).
Awards include: “Koco Racin”, “Grigor Prlicev, “Dimitar Mitrev”.

Address: Karl Hron, 78, 1000 Skopje.
Tel: ++ 389 02 522 718.

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