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Safet Ahmeti was born in 1967, in Makarska, Croatia. He is currently doing his PhD research on contemporary art and anthropology. From 2003 to 2008 he was lecturing “Visual Culture”, “Introduction to Modern Art” and “Culture and Communication” courses at the South-East European University in Tetovo, Macedonia. In May 2011 he established the Center for Visual Studies-Skopje (CVS) as an affiliation of the Zagreb (Croatia) based organization. As head of the office his activities have been focused in developing and conducting Center’s program and interests. The Center has been recognized as valuable partner in building the International, as well as European network of visual culture studies. CVS-Skopje is part of the initiative “Visual culture in Europe-Network” since its beginning in 2010. Safet Ahmeti, with several other members of the Center, had participated in all four annual conferences (London 2010, Barcelona 2011, Trondheim 2012, Zagreb 2013) giving papers or contributing in organizational issues. CVS-Skopje is also part of the “International Association for Visual Culture”. At the first International conference held in New York, in 2012, Safet Ahmeti was convening a session on “Interdisciplinarity in/as visual culture”. His writings have been published as book chapters, as catalog entries, and in magazines.

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