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Olivera Kjorveziroska (1965) was born in Kumanovo. She completed her primary and secondary education in her birth city and the Faculty of Philology in Skopje, where she lives and works. She has written the following books: “The Suffering of the Young Proofreader”, “Knitted Short Stories”, “Two Pillows”, “Stitched Short Stories”, “Little Novellas without Sugar” and “The Streets that Are Gone” (short stories); “The Locked Body of Lou” (novel); “Little Bun Mirna” and “My Brother from the Thirteenth Floor” (novels for children); “Grandpa Mile” (picture book together with Gligor Kostovski-Gisho); “Do Dreams Create Work” and “A Text and a Woman” (criticism and essays); “The Third Floor” and “High Rising White” (poetry).

She has been included in twenty anthologies of contemporary Macedonian short stories, published in the country and abroad. Her stories have been translated to English, French, Hungarian, Albanian, Turkish, Czech, Serbian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Polish and Russian languages.

She has won all significant awards for short stories in Macedonia, and she received the best prose award of the Writers’ Association of Macedonia in 2003 for her book “Knitted Short Stories”. Her story “Agency for Events” was selected for “Best European Fiction 2019” anthology.

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