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Milan Dobričić, born 1977. in Belgrade.
Graduated Serbian and world literature at Belgrade University. Graduated at Belgrade Open School.
One of the founders of NGO Treći Trg ( and Belgrade International Poetry and Book Festival.
Works as a translator from English and Italian.
Published poetry and prose in magazines in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, France, Poland, Romania, Spain/Catalunya, Turkey.
Published two short stories in collection Shortest stories 2006 (Alma, Beograd). Published co-author prose book Diary 2000 (CSM, 2001), poetry books Pressure (CSM, 2002), Coping (Treći Trg, 2006), Blessed Losers (Društvo Istočnik, 2009) and Lyrics and so… (Treći Trg, 2013), and a short story collection Lye (Treći Trg, 2010). Participant in WordExpress project as a poet and translator. His work has been translated in magazines into English, French, Polish, Romanian, Catalan, Czech, Slovenian, Turkish and Hebrew.
Translated the novel The Other Man by Welsh author Owen Martell from English (Treći Trg, 2011), poetry collection The Zoo Father by Pascale Petit (Treći Trg, 2012) and poetry collection Uttering Her Name by Gabriel Rosenstock (with Gorjana Rajić, Treći Trg, 2013).

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