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Melike Inci was born on September 19th 1975, in Istanbul. After the graduation from Italian High School she studied Chemical Engineering in University of Istanbul. She wrote articles in a comic called “Alarm” in 20 She participated in creative writing workshops in ex-alumni association of Bosphorus University. Her short story “Yok Gibi / As Absent” took part in the selection of’s 2010 short story awards book “Veda / Goodbye”. Other short stories “İlk Gece / First Night” and Aldatma / Deception” have been published in, “Örümcek Ağı / Spider’s Web” in 2011, and “Ölümsüz / Immortal” in Kadir Aydemir’s short story selection “Mutsuz Aşk Vardır / There is Unhappy Love” and her novel “O Anda / At That Moment” published by Yitik Ülke in 20 She translated some of Igor Isakovski’s short stories into Turkish, from those “Nothing Especially Happens / Bir Şey Olduğu Yok” was published in literary review “Yalnızlar Mektebi”‘s February-March issue.

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