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Luan Starova (1941-2022) a prose writer, essayist, and translator. Professor at the Department for French Language and Literature at the Faculty of Philology in Skopje. He was the Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia to France, Spain, and Portugal and a representative of UNESCO in Paris. He writes in Macedonian and Albanian.
Short story collections
: Tatkovite knigi (Father’s Books) 1992; Balkanski kluch (Balkan Key) 1995; Presadena kniga (Implanted Book) 1998.
: Omegjena prolet (Boarded Spring) 1971; Mitska ptica (Mythical Bird) 1991; Vremeto na kozite (The Time of the Goats) 1993; Ateistichki muzej (Atheist Museum) 1997; Patot na jagulite (The Way of the Eels) 2000, Tvrdina od pepel (Fortress of Ashes) 2002.
: Pesni od Kartagina (Poems from Carthage) 1992; Nepobedena Kartagina (Undefeated Carthage) 1993.
: Lugje i mostovi (People and Bridges) 1971; Barikadi na vremeto (Barricades of Time) 1975; Kineska prolet (Chinese Spring) 1984.
Essays and studies
. Doblizhuvanje (Approximation) 1976; Relacii (Relations) 1980; Kontinuiteti (Continuities) 1988; Francuski knizhevni idei (French Literary Ideas) 1995.
His books have been translated into French, German, and other languages.
: 11 October, 13 November, Stale Popov, Misla and Grigor Prlichev.

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