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Project Description

Ljiljana Jokic Kaspar was born in Novi Sad: prose writer, TV scenarist, critic. She graduated from Faculty of Philosophy, department of Theory and General Literature at the University of Novi Sad – Yugoslavia.
She has worked as a journalist for ten years and wrote for the culture column at the local newspaper, as well as at the literature specialised magazines.

Published titles:
The Ampule of the Night Butterfly (1981 Matica srpska) – collection of stories.
Don’t Ever Miss the Trick of Magic (1990), novel – private publishers.
The Lilliputians Travel to Twenty First Century (1993), drama, private publishers.
The Four Little Women (1996), novel, Stubovi Kulture, Beograd, Post – Feminist novel – life in the war surroundings.
Bold dogs (1998), novel, Narodna Knjiga, Beograd, life of Yugoslav citizens in a Europian ghetto, where dogs are better than humans.

Other fields of interest: contemporary world prose; problems, development and place of literature in totality regimes, and the way literature looks in transition in post – communist period.

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