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Project Description

Born in Gostivar, 1954. In 1980 she graduated from “Sts. Cyril and Methodius” University, within the Institute of Art History in Skopje. Since 1984, she works at the Faculty of Fine Arts. From 1996-2005 she was member of various national and international juries. From 1984-2011 she published over 200 articles for catalogues, daily newspapers, magazines and proceedings.
1998 – Pirkoska, Koncha, Vlase Nikoleski: Ssculpture, Ozatelier, Newcastle, Australia
2000 – Pirkoska Konča, Robert Jankulovski – Preserving the memories, Macedonian center for photography, Skopje
2002 – Pirkoska, Koncha, The Conttinuity of Macedonian Painting in: Contemporary Macedonian artists, Shashouao press, London, 2002
2004 – Pirkoska Konča, The Poetics of the Palimpsest, in: Dijana Tomić Radevska, D.T. Radevska, Skopje
2006 – Pirkoska Konča, The Sculpture of Petar Hadži Boškov, Gjurga, Skopje
2009 – Pirkoska Konča, The Sculpture of Petar Hadži Boškov: 1954-2004, National Gallery of Macedonia, Skopje

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