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poet, literary theoretician, critic, essayist, translator, anthologist. Born 11th December 1951 in Veles. Graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and History – University “Ss.Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje. Gained her M.D. degree with “The Metaphor and Contemporary Macedonian Poetry”. Her doctoral thesis (1986, Zagreb) was “The Specifics of Lyrics”. Currently professor of Theory and Methodology in Literature Studies at the Department of General and Comparative Literature. Worked for a year in Paris (INALCO) as a lector of Macedonian language and literature. Was president of the Macedonian P.E.N. Centre. Member of the Macedonian Writers’ Association since 1978.
Works: Annunciation (poetry, 1975), The Act (poetry, 1978), Our consonant (poetry, 1981), New sweat (poetry, 1984), Figurative Speech in Macedonian Poetry (studies, 1984), Neuralgic spots (bilingual edition, Vrsac, poetry, 1986), Step and resignation (essays and criticism, 1987), Wild thought (selection of poetry, 1989), The specifics of Lyrics (study, 1989), Thirsts, lascivious poems (poetry, 1989), Different time (poetic prose, 1989), Longing for a system (studies and criticism, 1992), Domino (poetry, 1993), Expulsion of Evil (poetry, 1997), Stone of temptation (criticism, 1997), Notebooks (criticism and essays, 1997), Vialasciva (poems translated into French, 1997), Time Difference (poetry, English translation, 1998), Prelude (selection of poetry, 1998), Theory of Literature (1999). Has compiled an anthology of Macedonian short story and essay.
Award include: “Studentski zbor”, “Miladinov Brothers”, “Narcisa”, “Mlad Borec”, “Velja Kutija

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E-books by Katica Kulavkova published by Blesok:
L’expulsion du mal
Time Difference
Via lasciva

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