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Project Description

Following reading experiences such as Camus’ The Stranger (originally entitled, more appropriately, The Outsider), James Ray Musgrave began his own odyssey to become a published author of “radstream” prose. His nonfiction title, The Digital Scribe: A Writer’s Guide to Electronic Media (1996), was his attempt to teach techies how to write with their entire brains, and his three novels soon followed in an attempt to teach humans how to read with their brains damaged by American “bestsellers.” His published novels include: Sins of Darkness, Russian Wolves, and Lucifer’s Wedding. His short fiction has been published in Outsider Ink, Ramble Underground, Skive Magazine, California Quarterly, San Diego Writer’s Monthly, and Cowles Mountain Journal. He presently teaches collegiate humans in San Diego how to think (and hopefully write) with their brains damaged by the American K-12 system. His motto: Carpe nocto!

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