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Ivan Kolenič (1965) – poet and prose writer. In his works the intense and sensitive experiencing of personal existential and love traumas are sensed, expressed by emotionally complex suggestive images. He debuted with the poetry collection Prinesené búrkou or Brought by the Storm (1986), followed by more books of poetry such as Korienky neviditeľnosti or Roots of Invisibility (1994), Nespíš a nežne zapieraš or You Don’t Sleep and Gently Denying (1997). The second stage in his creative work is seen in the dynamic intellectual gesture of the lyrical subject (including metatextuality: inspiration from ancient myths, world literature, jazz, popular music, genreic diary variations, associative methods, etc) in the books Rock and Roll (1990), Pôvabné hry aristokracie or The Appealing Games of Aristocracy (1991) and Slasti anarchie or Delights of Anarchy (1993). He prefers similar poetics in his prose works as well: Mlčať or To Be Quiet (1992), Porušenie raja or Disturbing Paradise (1993), Jeden úsmev stačí or A Smile Is Enough (1999), and Daj zbohom básneniu or Say Goodbye to Poetry (2004).

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