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Ivan Herceg (1970) was born in Krapina. He studied Croatian language and literature at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb. He worked as proof reader/editor for the Večernji list daily and for weeklies Globus and Studio. He currently works for the Jutarnji list daily. His poetry was published in Homo Volans, Vijenac, Libra, Zor, Quorum, Forum, Kolo etc. His work is featured in various anthologies and surveys of Croatian poetry, including Strast razlike, tamni zvuk praznine (Croatian poetry of the 80ties and 90ties) and Off-line (Croatian poetry of the 90ties). His poems were translated into Polish, Hungarian, Macedonian, Slovenian and English. His story SMS – cvjetni porno was included in Libido.hr, the anthology of Croatian erotic short stories (2002). He is an executive editor of the Poezija journal and a member of the HDP (Croatian Writers’ Society). Publications: Naša druga imena, 1994 (1st prize at Goranovo Proljeće); Noć na asfaltu, 1996, (Zdravko Pucak Award); Snimke zemaljskih uzdaha 1997; Anđeli u koroti, 2004; Nepravilnosti, 2007.

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