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poet, literary critic, essayist. Born 1929 in the village of Slegovo, Kratovo. Graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy. Worked as a senior research fellow at the Institute for Macedonian Literature in Skopje. Died in 1994. Member of the Macedonian Writers’ Association since 1959.
Works: Macedonian school of Poetics (essays and criticism, 1997), The birth of metaphor (poetic research, 1982), Emperor moth (Macedonian fairy-tales, authorised version, 1978), Alphabet signs (elliptics, poetry, 1982), Racin – poet (monograph, 1982), Critic illuminations (essays, criticism, 1984), An Ohrid poem (poetry, 1985), Poetics of the language – etudes (1988), Integral poetics (1993). Has compiled the following anthologies: “Love folk songs” (1971), “The black nightingale” (anthology of contemporary Macedonian poetry, 1977).
Awards include: “Koco Racin”, Zlaten venec” at the experimental theatre in Saraevo for the staging version of “Dimna Juda” (1974).

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