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Project Description

Sašo Dimoski (1985, Ohrid), graduated General and Comparative Literature in 2008, and at the moment he is working on his Ph.D. In theatrology at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje. Since 2014 he has been working as playwright at “Dzinot” theatre in Veles. So far, he has had four publications: the experimental prose “The Diary of the Hooligan”, the novel “Alma Maler” – which brought him international affirmation, the book of collected plays “We, the Others” and the novel “The Fifth Season” – for which he received the Racin prose award. His work covers the premieres of theatre plays: “Fedra” (Dzhinot theatre, 2015), author’s dramatization of his novel “Alma Maler” (Macedonian National Theatre, 2015), “Medeia” (FAD Stobi, 2016), “Parliamentarians” (Ohrid National Theatre, 2016), as well as the contemporary ballet libretto “The Red Room” (Macedonian Opera and Ballet, 2016). His theatre text “The Mademoiselles of Avignon”, winner of the National Competition for Dramatic Text was said to be “a new moment in the Macedonian theatre, a Macedonian text with European format” and it will be staged at MNT this season.

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