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The writer Darko Cvijetić was born on 11 January 1968 in Ljubija Rudnik in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is a director and playwright at Prijedor Theatre. He was the editor of “Hypomnemata” literary blog. He has written some ten books of poetry, two books of short stories and the novels “The Schindler’s Elevator” (awarded with “Kočić Pen” and ”Fric” in 2019) and “Why Do You Sleep on the Floor” (“Što na podu spavaš”), which was also in the final round for “Fric” award in 2020 and the “Janko Polić Kamov” award of the Association of Croatian Writers in 2020.

He is a member of the P.E.N. Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Association of Writers of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Croatian Association of Writers.

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