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Branko Čegec, poet, essayist, critic, born on 22 June 1957, in Kraljev Vrh. He graduated Yugoslav language and literature and Comparative literature from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb. He was editor of literature in the youth newspaper and magazines Polet and Pitanja. He was the editor-in-chief of the journals Quorum and Oko. He founded his own publishing house Meandar in 1992, which has operated since summer 1993. First he worked as director and chief editor of Meandar; now he is the chief editor of all editions. In 1999 he was elected president of the Board of Goranovo proljeće, the largest Croatian poetry event in where he worked until late 2007. In 2002 he founded The Croatian Book Centre and in 2003 the magazine Tema: where he works as a director and editor-in-chief.
He was awarded Goran for young poets in 1980, 7 sekretara SKOJ-a prize in 1983, Kočićevo pero prize in 2007 and Kvirin prize in 2008.
His poetry has been translated into French, Slovenian, German, English, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, Lithuanian, Macedonian.

Published works:
Eros – Europa – Arafat/Eros – Europe – Arafat
, poetry, Zagreb, 1980
Zapadno-istočni spol/Western – Eastern sex
, poetry, Zagreb, 1983
Presvlačenje avangarde/Changing of Avant-garde
, essays and criticism, Zagreb, 1983
Melankolični ljetopis/Melancholic chronicle
, poetry, Rijeka, 1988
Ekrani praznine/Screens of emptiness
, Zagreb, 1992, second edition, Zagreb, 1994
Fantom slobode/Phantom of freedom
, essays, criticism and articles, Zagreb, 1994
Passion of difference, dark sound of emptiness
, Croatian poetry of the eighties and nineties, (co-author with Miroslav Mićanović), Zagreb, 1955
Nitko ne govori hrvatski/No one speaks Croatian/Personne ne parle croate
, bilingual Croatian-French, with Miroslav Mićanović and Ivica Prtenjaća, selected and translated by Vanda Mikšić and Brankica Radić, Zagreb, 2002
Sintaksa mesečine/The Syntax of Moonlight
, selected poems, translated by Jurij Hudolin, Ljubljana 2004
Tamno mjesto/A dark Place
, poetry, Zagreb 2005
Tri krokodila/Three Crocodiles
, story (co-author with Miroslav Mićanović and Senko Karuza), Zagreb 2005

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