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Brane Mozetič (1958) is a poet, writer, translator and editor who graduated in comparative literature from the University of Ljubljana. Since 1990, Mozetič has been the editor of gay magazine Revolver and an editor of a small press. Mozetič has translated a number of French authors (Rimbaud, Genet, Foucault, Maalouf, Brossard, Daoust, Cliff…). He has published ten colections of poems and three fiction books. He won the City of Ljubljana Poetry Prize and the European Poetry Prize-Falgwe. His poems are translated into several languages. He is the editor of two small press collections and promotor of Slovenian literature abroad (in Center for Slovenian Literature).
Translations into other languages:
Obsedenost / Obsession
, Aleph – Ed. Genevieve Pastre, Ljubljana – Paris 1991
, Meandar, Zagreb 2000
Parole che bruciano / Besede, ki žgejo
, Mobydick, Faenza 2002
, Quebec – Ecrits des Forges, Quebec 2002
, Spuyten Duyvil Press, New York 2004
, Passagen Verlag, Wien 2004
He somiat que havies mort (&Svetlana Makarovič)
, Emboscal + ILC, Barcelona 2004
Poemas por los suenos muertos
, CEDMA, Malaga 2004


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