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Benjamin Stein was born in 1970 in (east) Berlin under a different name. The name Benjamin Stein was entered into his passport in 1988. Since 1982 he has been publishing poetry and prose in literary magazines. After his graduation until the 1989 uniting of Germany he worked as a night porter in a home for elderly. Later, he studied Judaistics and Herberistics in Berlin. In 1993 he participated in the distinguished literary festival Ingeborg Bachmann in Klagenfurt, Austria.
Since 1995 he has worked as a journalist, correspondent and editor in a number of computer magazines, and since 1998 as a computer technology advisor.
From 2006 to 2008 he was a co-editor of the literary magazine spa_’tien’, and since 2008 he has been the owner of Edition Neue Moderne publishing house. He regularly writes for his literary web blog Turmsegler.
Benjamin Stein lives and works in Munich.
His prose is particular and it is typical for its strength and clarity in expression, the transition between worlds, dream and reality, and extensive passages that refer to Jewish religion and mysticism and bring it into the novel.

The Alphabeth According to Juda Liva (novel, 1995), A Different Blue (prose for seven voices, novel, 2008), The Canvas (novel in two stories, 2010), Replay (novel, 2012), The Alphabeth According to Rabi Lev (novel, material of the first novel reworked in details, 2014), A Different Blue (prose for seven voices, novel, 2014)

2010 – Tukan award for literature for authors from Munich and Bavarian award for promotion of art (literature) for The Canvas.

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