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Barış Müstecaplıoğlu was born in Istanbul in 1977. After completing his university education at the Civil Engineering Department of the Bosphorus University, he worked as a Human Resources Specialist. His short stories for young people as well as his book reviews were published in literary magazines such as E Edebiyat, Varlık, Altyazı, and Kitap-lık. In 1995, he received the İstek Foundation Alumni Association’s İffet Esen Short Story Award.
The first book, of his four-book series with the title Legends of Perg, was Korkak ve Canavar (The Coward and the Beast) published in 2002. Its sequel Merderan’ın Sırrı (Merderan’s Secret) was published in the same year and the third book, Bataklık Ülke (Boggy Land) came out in 2004. The last book of the series, Tanrıların Alfabesi (The Alphabet of the Gods) was published in February 2005. Following Legends of Perg, the author has written two more novels: Şakird (The Disciple, 2005), and Kardeş Kanı (Brothers Blood, 2006). His books have been translated into Polish and Bulgarian. In 2009, he has published his latest book, Bir Hayaldi Gerçekten Güzel (Beautiful Dreams) based on drawings of a shamanist painter named Mohammed of the Black Pen who lived in 14th century.

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