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Anna Aguilar-Amat teaches Terminology applied to Translation at the Barcelona Autonomous University. Her works include “Trànsit entre dos vols” (Ed. Proa, 2001; which was awarded the Carles Riba prize in 2000), “Petrolier” (Edicions de la Guerra, 2003), “Música i escorbut” (“Music and Scyrvy”, Ed. 62, 2002; winner of the Màrius Torres award in 2001). She has also published, together with Francesc Parcerisas, “Coses Petites” (“Small Things”), illustrated by Miquel Plana; and the book “El placer de la lectura” (“The Pleasure of Reading”, Editorial Síntesis, 2004). Her poems have been translated into Spanish by Jordi Virallonga, and into English by Anna Crowe. (“Music and Scurvy” was published as an e-book by Sandstone Press;

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