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Project Description

short story writer and essauist. Born 24 February 1953, in Skopje. Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and Theory of Literature. Works at the Institute of Macedonian Literature in Skopje.
Works: The Young Master of the Game (short stories, 1983), …or… (short stories, 1986), Sailing South (short stories, 1986), A Sermon on the Snake (stories, 1992), Was Kalimah a Post-Modernist? (essays, 1994), Fairytale on the road (essays, 1996), Let’s make a movie together (stories for children, 1997), Ars amater-ia (stories, 1998), Image which rolls (haiky, 1998), Anti-instructions for personal use (poetical diary, 2000), Postmodern Babylon (essays, 2000).
He tried his skills at scenarios for stage projects, comic strips, quiz-shows, texts for rock-and-roll songs, feuilletons, translations and radio adaptations.

Address: Alzirska 1, 1000 Skopje
Tel: ++ 389 02 366 731; 220 309

Aleksandar Prokopiev was editor of Blesok Prose

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