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Blesok no. 118March-April, 2018
Gallery Reviews

The Battle of Neretva - 2012

Edin Vejselović (Edo Macedo Vejselović)

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Damir Nikšić


Edin Vejselović

    Edin Vejselović has previously developed a very interesting painting where the artist’s role is reduced to a minimum: the role of agents, who assist nature in making self-portraits in which she is a practical and symbolic way to manifest his artistic nature. This strategy, this behavior is things site-specific performance that results in self-portraits of the rivers, and so it happens that the first artist to enter the riverbed and pick the point at which recognizes the distinctive color of the river. Having your hand in a bowl, mix up the basic acrylic paint and get the exact shade of the river at certain specified place at a certain time of day – it comes out to the coast where the paint coated surface impregnated canvases stretched on a wooden frame. inflicted While color is fresh – the artist returns to the previous position and down with his face to screen about half an inch below the surface. river on its course dissolves and removes shade caused characteristic speed and the way it moves. flow of time is equal to the flow of the river and during a certain time at a certain place during a certain river – slowly created a self-portrait. analyzing and knowing the characteristics of color and viscosity as compared to the current water, the artist decides the point where the screen rises out of the water before the river washes away the color caused entirely. At that point, we get a self-portrait of the river, the artistic expression of nature that enabled the artist, that is. whom he assisted.
    Delighted with this basic approach and thinking of painting, nature, art and the artistic in nature, or rather, the nature of art, I suggested to Edin that his “alchemical art” into the service of art and engaged in cooperation with WWF made a series of “self-portraits” Neretva, which will appear in the “Tell” before the river itself and change its nature. Edo at the end of the summer he spent a few weeks in Mostar working on this series of images to form a new exhibition, “NERETVA self-portrait.”
    I hope this is the first of many exhibitions that Edo can make in this way and on this subject, and in this context, and with these partners. I also hope that others will follow and art exhibition that cel¬ebrates nature, which is turned to nature, but the team and nothing less socially engaged, but, on the contrary.

The Battle of Neretva (2012)

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