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Blesok no. 118March-April, 2018
Sound Reviews


Translated from Macedonian by: Kalina Maleska (Gallery photos by Tatjana Rantaša)

p. 1
Ljupčo Jolevski


I want to write another good song in my life!

    I’ve been tempted in life to go to certain extremes, but it’s not my style. I have found enormous satisfaction in music. I have found in music such great satisfaction… and cure… and salvation from various situations that I cannot leave it now. There is no need to. I’m still searching for something in it. I’m still searching for some solutions. Music solutions. Emotional. I’m searching for answers to my question. I answer some of them through music. And for others – I will never find an answer – Vlatko Stefanovski says in an interview for BLESOK.

    Vlatko Stefanovski has been more than a regional guitar hero for a long time. He is definitely the most engaged Macedonian musician with international career. He is one of the few who, since the adolescent BREG, through the missionaries LEB I SOL, his trio… the collaboration with virtuosos such as Miroslav Tadic, Teodosij Spasov, Jan Akkerman, Tommy Emmanuel, Stochelo Rosenberg… established himself as a prominent artist, desired musical fellow thinker and artist who enters the narrow circle of those who compose the real and unlimited sound image for the rhythmically colorful Balkan in global terms.
    This Vlatko Stefanovski, the former teenager from the Skopje “Mexican” street, who in the past fanatically plunged into discovering the secrets of the instrument, finding himself “torn apart” between rock-and-roll, fusion music and Macedonian music language and tradition, is the last laureate of the state award “11 October” for his overall oeuvre in the area of culture and art, and the author who signed one of his most mature achievements – the album with a symbolical title “Macedonian Tongue”. The conversation with Stefanovski was recorded on his terrain, in his Taftalidze. In the restaurant “14”, where even the walls contain the positive energy of his music. Of our music.
    You were present in the audience at the performance of the improviser Fred Frith in the chamber hall of the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra. Then, at the one of the TOTO group, at the concert of Scott Henderson, SOFT MACHINE… and we have seen each other at many other events where you follow attentively what your colleagues in instruments do. What is it that even today, after so many years in this music story of yours, makes you curious and dedicated to listening to other musicians’ performances?


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