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Blesok no. 118March-April, 2018

Eros/Thanatos – Frida/Slavenka

Translated by: Elizabeta Bakovska

p. 1
Dijana Petrova


Eros/Thanatos – Frida/Slavenka

    Between Lilith and Eva
    (Frida Kahlo in Slavenka Drakulić’s novel about pain)
    Slavenka Drakulić’s novel Frida’s Bed, containing the biography of Frida was recently translated to Macedonian (Фрида, или за болката, Икона, 2015). Frida is a well-known name that has left its mark on history and art. I will not stress her as a woman artist, because being a woman implies being a woman artist. Every woman, is an artist in her own way, because since the beginning of history until nowadays and who knows until when, the survival and endurance of a woman has constantly been in chains and limitations, almost always on the edge of margins, implies art. And those women, when they have managed to liberate themselves from these limitations, or to make them invisible for themselves, can by all means be called masterful. There have been quite a few of them, some of them are still mentioned nowadays, while the names of some have been forgotten or purposefully hidden by history.
    One of those women that the history could not hide or forget was Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón, known only as Frida Kahlo. She was a person that the world knew as a fighter, lover, adulteress, communist and painter. It is questionable if pain has made her a well-known painter or painting made her pain well-known. Whether she found a way out in ideology or ideology was but an entrance to Diego’s life.
    It is known that Eros (the awareness of body and corporal nature and experiencing of sexuality) causes Thanatos (death). The awakening of Eros causes the awakening of Thanatos. However, in the case of Frida, it has been the opposite. Thanatos has awakened her Eros. She first felt the closeness of death and then her yearning for Eros was crated, along with the insatiable sexual thirst, which she used to hungrily quench. Her Eros woke up not only when it comes to this erotic love, but also a yearning and desire for everything that she can get from life. She would leave her mark and soul in everything, but she was misinterpreted. Frida’s character brings to mind pain and suffering, which is quite wrong. The fact that she had first awaken Thanatos does not mean that she lived less and was less happy than somebody else; if one looks deeper in the history of her illness, one would realize

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