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Blesok no. 114-115July-August, 2017
Sound Reviews

Thelonious Monk and the Last Days

Translated to English: Elizabeta Bakovska

p. 1
Mehmed Begić


The Stars Are Different

    Sometimes the road is the best meditation – travels that never stop, kilometres, two hundred kilometres per hour and landscapes that change so fast that you can not even notice them. The mid surrenders, the mid becomes a line that fades away in the middle of the road. Quiet enough for the memory to become foggy.
    This mind has found the meditation on the terrace. The terrace itself is its definition. There I have built a viewpoint. If I look well, I can see what I need. From the terrace, I manage to feel your place and everything that I need is silence and real music.
    In your corner, where there used to be a street, there is only Ben Allison’s contrabass. The dilemmas of the seasons have turned it into a silver thing that shines. The stars look different when you look at them from this place. Especially if you do this sometime between 3:30 and 4:15 AM.
    It’s time to end or bark at ballads, trying to write a better one than the one that I wrote long ago, at the time when I did not compete. At the time when death competed with the best of us.
    Ballad of Joe Buck - Ben Allison

The Meditation of the Terrace

    Thelonious Sphere Monk stepped on my terrace as if going out to the stage. Everything is here: his beret, his attitude and his bop glasses. The misbelief mixed with the intoxicating smoke, as his steps gradually transformed into a slow dance. Just as he would leave the piano to see and hear his band better and dance to the solo just being performed by John Coltrane. Or Miles Davis. Or Sonny Rollins. Miles never felt comfortable at these moments.
    But Coltrane did. He enjoyed and learned from Monk. I quote these words as a testimony: “Working with Monk has brought me closer to a music architect of highest rank. I felt that I was learning in every possible way next to him – with my senses, theoretically, technically. I would talk to Monk about music problems, and he would only sit at the piano and show me the answers by playing them. I could watch him play and get the answers to the things that I wanted to know. I also had the chance to witness so many things

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