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Blesok no. 06January, 1999
Sound Reviews

Interview with Gorazd Čapovski

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Igor Isakovski

Somewhere in the first half of 1998… Radio show “The Blues Brothers”… Program host: Igor Isakovski. Guests: Risto Vrtev and Gorazd Čapovski. Here comes the second part of that interview, slightly rearranged for BLESOK Sound.

I.I.: It has been two years time since we last met (in a “Blues Brothers” show). Tell me what has happened to you meanwhile?


G.Č.: Many things have happened. Then, we talked about our second album, now about the third, we are stepping forward, producing albums…

I.I.: We will look at your past later, and now let us start with what was most popular from 1997 afterwards. The album that was produced by “Tone Casualties” in the USA is titled “Wake Up Gods”. If the people are weaking up?

G.Č.: Yes, slowly they are. Anyway, this was very important for us, I was looking for a producer for a long time and within Mizar (I am taking Mizar as a part of it) I can say, after 10 years, that I've finally found one. I think that you need a support for job like this to function properly because it is kind of a teamwork.

I.I.: Are you satisfied with the work of “Tone Casualties”?

G.Č.: I read about them in magazines and on Internet and at the beginning of 1997 I made a few demos, I sent them the tape and they accepted it. It is a coincidence that Rudy Carero was working in “Tone Casualties” at that time. Some time ago, when he was working in Slovenia, somebody gave him a tape from “Mizar”. It was a lucky moment because now, when I asked them if they accept demos they said they had no time for it because they received about 100 a week. It was a lucky moment, which came together with our moment, they liked the music.

I.I.: Gorazd, you said that here are some verses of Ivan Čapovski – your father?

G.Č.: I simply like his poetry so I took out some excerpts.

I.I.: While I was listening to “Till the next war”, and I must note that I am listening to this album for the first time now, I imagine people who are running away with their rugs, wandering tired in deserts… What did you see while you were making this music?

G.Č.: The music of “Kismet” is visual in its core, a “visual” element I inherited from “Mizar” something which can be connected with pictures, and which

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