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Archive 2015
    Promo of the book "So Yes" by Igor Isakovski [19.09.2015]      
    Promo of the book "After Nature" by Michael Krüger [06.06.2015]      
    Blesok: Promo of the poetry book in Macedonian, German and English "Во некои денови / An manchen Тagen / On some days" by Jürgen Nendza [23.05.2015]      
    Blesok: Promo of the poem "Verdict" by Xhabir Deralla [25.03.2015]          
Archive 2014
    Blesok: Promo of the poem "Verdict" by Xhabir Deralla [18.12.2014]       
    Promotion of the book "Cinderella in Chrome Casket" by Zvonko Karanović [01.12.2014]        
    Sixth series of poetry edition EvaTas [26.11.2014]     
    Promo - Book of short stories "My husband" by Rumena Bužarovska [19.11.2014]       
    Blesok 98 [17.11.2014]  
    The book of short stories "Love in the Time of Mahlstädt Child" published in Macedonian [04.11.2014]       
    Promo "Poems from the Big Room" + "Cupidona and other plays" [19.09.2014]     
    Promo of "Awaking in Third Person Singular" by D.A. Lori: 12,09,2014, "Creša", Skopje [12.09.2014]       
    "Up on the Hill During a Solar Eclipse" by György Konrád - new novel in edition s.r. by Blesok [06.09.2014]      
    The novel "The Year of Death of Ricardo Reis" by the Nobel laureate José Saramago published in Macedonian [25.07.2014]       
    New from Blesok: Poetry by D.A. Lori, "Awaking in Third Person Singular" [07.07.2014]        
    New from Blesok: Poetry by Branko Čegec "Full Month in Istanbul" [23.06.2014]       
    New from Blesok: Poetry by Gorana Mitrovik "Indigo Autumn" [18.06.2014]       
    Promotion in Prilep [11.06.2014]     
    New book from Blesok, promo MNT, 4 june (Wednesday), 21:30 [04.06.2014]      
    Selection of poetry by Igor Isakovski published in Turkey [20.05.2014]      
    "Bonavia" by Dragan Velikić published in Macedonian [19.05.2014]      
    “Hourglass” by Danilo Kiš published in Macedonian [08.05.2014]      
    16 years Blesok [12.03.2014]     
    New printed and e-book: Faruk Šehić, "The Book of Una" [02.03.2014]      
Archive 2013
    Igor Isakovski "The Light Awaits You at Reception" [01.11.2013]      
    Igor Isakovski "Death Has Seaweed Hair" [22.10.2013]      
    Gonçalo M. Tavares "Jerusalém" [07.10.2013]      
    Richard Gwyn "The Colour of a Dog Running Away" [18.09.2013]      
    Wilhelm Genazino "Light Burns a Hole in the Day" [23.08.2013]      
    Snežana Bukal "First Snow" [21.08.2013]      
    Constantin Abăluţă "Imaginary events in the streets of Bucharest" [24.06.2013]      
    Three new eBooks [21.05.2013]       
    Lewis Davies "My Piece of Happiness" [30.04.2013]      
    Promotion of Benjamin Stein`s novel “The Canvas” [05.04.2013]      
    Melina Kamerić "Shoes for Oscar Night" [26.03.2013]       
    Blesok 88 [12.03.2013]  
    Biljana Srbljanović "Grasshoppers аnd other plays" [21.01.2013]      
    Adolf Muschg "If That Is Happiness" [16.01.2013]     
Archive 2012
    Sibila Petlevski "We felt so good! (Taboo II.)" [17.12.2012]      
    Blesok 86 [27.11.2012]  
    Magdalena Ball "Sleep before Evening" [19.11.2012]     
    Rumena Bužarovska "What's funny: humor in short stories" [12.11.2012]      
    Presale & Autumn Online Book Fair [26.10.2012]      
    Dušan Mitana "Patagónia" [07.10.2012]     
    Goran Samardžić "Forest Ghost" [03.10.2012]     
    Michael Krüger "After Nature" [25.09.2012]     
    Owen Martell "Dolenni Hud" [17.09.2012]      
    New Edition "Curly" [07.06.2012]     
    Damir Miloš "The White Clown" [21.05.2012]     
    Faruk Šehić "Under Pressure" [17.05.2012]     
    Promotion of "Hotel Grand" by Renato Baretić [26.04.2012]
    Literary reading and conversation with Lidija Dimkovska [19.04.2012]      
    Eva Tas 2012 - Mehmed Begić "I Know You Know", Bogomil Gjuzel "Surviving", Triztan Vindtorn "Underneath the Rainbow of the Night" [22.03.2012]          
    Blesok 82 [19.03.2012]  
    Olivera Nikolova "Little House" [07.03.2012]      
    Aleksandra Dimitrova "Postmodern Traps in Goran Stefanovski's Plays" [05.03.2012]      
    Blesok 80-81 [14.02.2012]  
Archive 2011
    Jovica Ivanovski "With a Straw in a Mouth" [22.12.2011]     
    Ivana Sajko "Rio Bar" [20.12.2011]      
    Benjamin Stein "The Canvas" [15.12.2011]      
    BLESOK with renewed e-shop [06.12.2011]  
    "Under Pressure" - Panorama of contemporary Bosnian-Herzegovinian short stories. Edited by Dragoslav Dedović [11.11.2011]     
    Boris Biletić "I Have a Word" [07.11.2011]     
    Promotion of "With a Straw in a Mouth" by Jovica Ivanovski [30.10.2011]
    Slobodan Šnajder "Croatian Faust and other plays" [27.10.2011]      
    Information about forthcoming titles [17.10.2011]       
    PROMO: "Six Macedonian Poets" in United Kingdom [13.10.2011]       
    David Albahari "Getz and Mayer" [16.08.2011]      
    Information about forthcoming titles [07.08.2011]    
    Tomislav Osmanli "Civic Space" [27.06.2011]     
    Jurij Hudolin "Frolic" [13.06.2011]      
    Promotion of "Six Macedonian poets" [29.05.2011]
    Mile Stojić "Celestial Hostel" [23.05.2011]     
    Igor Isakovski "Love" [16.05.2011]     
    Aleš Šteger "Sometimes it's January in Mid Summer" [11.05.2011]      
    Mirko Kovač "City in a Mirror" [04.05.2011]      
    Promotion of "Apocalypse" by Xhabir Memedi Deralla [27.04.2011]
    Eva Tas 2011 - Josip Osti "An Unwritten Poem", Katica Kulavkova "Erased Spaces" and Ronny Someck "Asphalt Dragons" [20.04.2011]        
    Promotion of Thomas Bernhard's novel "Woodcutters" [11.03.2011]
    Fadila Nura Haver "So That I Laugh When I’m Dead" [23.02.2011]     
    Promotion of Sibila Petlevski's novels "My Antonio Diavolo" and "The Time of Lies (Taboo I)" with multimedia performance "Running on Empty" by Sibila Petlevski and David Gazarov [21.02.2011]
    Georgi Gospodinov "Ballads and Maladies" [15.02.2011]      
    Thomas Bernhard "Woodcutters" [07.02.2011]      
    Filip David "A Dream of Love and Death" [24.01.2011]      
    Josip Osti "On the Cross of Love" [10.01.2011]     
Archive 2010
    BLESOK 75 [27.12.2010]  
    Rumena Bužarovska "Wisdom Tooth" [12.11.2010]      
    Renato Baretić "Hotel Grand" [01.11.2010]      
    For Third Time - Word Express in Skopje! [25.10.2010]     
    Promotion of Tomislav Osmanli's novel "The Twenty-First" in Ohrid [23.10.2010]
    The second edition of the book "The Twenty-first" by Tomislav Osmanli [18.10.2010]     
    PROMO: Rumena Bužarovska "Wisdom Tooth" [02.10.2010]     
    Project REVIEW WITHIN REVIEW: Romboid / Slovak Literary Review / Vlna (Slovakia) within Blesok [10.09.2010]  
    35th issue of Transcript – Europe’s Online review of International Writing is dedicated to Macedonian literature [05.09.2010]
    Josip Osti and Primož Repar in Skopje! [02.07.2010]
    "Inheritance Law in the Republic of Macedonia" Ljiljana Spirović Trpenovska, Dejan Micković, Angel Ristov [24.06.2010]     
    The second edition of the book "Swimming in the Dust" by Igor Isakovski [14.06.2010]      
    Eva Tas 2010 - Aleš Debeljak "Cosmopolis", Pavle Goranović "Reading of silence", Branko Čegec "Breath-hold diving" [10.06.2010]        
    READING: Ingo Schulze in Skopje! [03.06.2010]   
    READING: Word Express in Skopje, again! [16.04.2010]   
    Lucija Stupica, "Island, City and Others" and Mitja Čander, "An Enveloped Move" [02.04.2010]
    Zvonko Taneski, "Chocolate in a Portfolio" [30.03.2010]
    Zvonko Taneski, "Chocolate in a Portfolio" [16.03.2010]      
    Blesok #70 [16.03.2010]  
    Lucija Stupica, "Island, City and Others" [16.03.2010]      
    PRESALE: Lucija Stupica, "Island, City and Others" [23.02.2010]   
    PRESALE: Zvonko Taneski, "Chocolate in a Portfolio" [23.02.2010]   
    BLESOK 69 [04.01.2010]  
Archive 2009
    "The Night Is Darkest Before the Dawn," book of poetry by Igor Isakovski [23.12.2009]
    "The Twenty-first," а novel by Tomislav Osmanli [07.12.2009]
    "What are we talking about: Slovenian short fiction, 1990-2004," edited by Mitja Čander [11.11.2009]
    READING of eleven authors, part of the project Word Express [26.10.2009]   
    PROMOTION of the new poetry edition: EvaTas [14.10.2009]        
    Henry Miller, "Tropic of Cancer" [05.10.2009]      
    New poetry edition: EvaTas [13.07.2009]        
    Павле Горановиќ, „Доаѓаат ангелите на рамнодушноста“ [06.07.2009]      
    Бојан Иванов, „Мојот занает“ [03.07.2009]      
    Blesok no. 66 [02.07.2009]  
    Бојан Иванов, „Мојот занает“
    BOOK PRESENTATION [18.06.2009]
    Вилхелм Генацино, „Просечна носталгија“
    BOOK PRESENTATION [02.06.2009]
    Јовица Ивановски, „Ветер и магла“
    BOOK PRESENTATION [26.05.2009]
    Вилхелм Генацино, „Просечна носталгија“ [13.05.2009]      
    Јовица Ивановски, „Ветер и магла“ [11.05.2009]      
    Лидија Димковска, „pH неутрална за животот и смртта“ [27.04.2009]      
    Претпродажба: „Ветер и магла“ од Јовица Ивановски [15.04.2009]  
    Александра Димитрова, „Во аквариумот на Барби“
    BOOK PRESENTATION [04.04.2009]
    Александра Димитрова, „Во аквариумот на Барби“ [30.03.2009]      
    BLESOK no.64 [09.03.2009]  
    Tom Petsinis "The Twelfth Dialogue" [23.02.2009]      
    Претпродажба на „Во аквариумот на Барби“ од Александра Димитрова [11.02.2009]   
    Dejan Micković "Family in Europe, 16-21 Century" [22.01.2009]     
    Josip Osti "On the Cross of Love" [22.01.2009]      
    Kata Kulavkova, "Naked Eye – Burning Fire“ [12.01.2009]      
    Tomaž Šalamun "Verbs on the Sun" [12.01.2009]      
Archive 2008
    "What are we talking about: Anthology of Slovenian short fiction, 1990 - 2004", edited by Mitja Čander [05.11.2008]      
    BLESOK 61-62 [14.10.2008]  
    Aleš Debeljak "Under the Surface" [14.10.2008]      
    Josip Osti "Teacher of Love" [15.09.2008]      
    Sibila Petlevski "Night Training" [23.07.2008]      
    Igor Isakovski "Interning for a Saint" [23.07.2008]      
    BLESOK 60 [08.07.2008]  
    Aleksandra Dimitrova "Goddess of the Feral Cats"
    BOOK PRESENTATION (11.06.2008, 21 hours, Ili-ili bookstore, Mala stanica) [11.06.2008]
    Tomislav Osmanli "Characters from Meanwhile"
    BOOK PRESENTATION (03.06.2008, 21 hours, Ili-ili bookstore, Mala stanica) [03.06.2008]
    Aleksandra Dimitrova "Goddess of the Feral Cats" [20.05.2008]      
    Stevo Simski "All-Seeing Eye" [18.05.2008]      
    Risto Lazarov "Mid" [16.05.2008]      
    BLESOK 59 [14.05.2008]  
    Tomislav Osmanli "Characters from Meanwhile" [13.05.2008]      
    BLESOK 58 [03.03.2008]  


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