The Return of the Defeated

/, Blesok no. 23/The Return of the Defeated

The Return of the Defeated

That Man in the Mirror
The Roses on Aksya"s Fingers
My Father Ulysses
The Return of the Defeated
An Encounter with а Snake
The Departure of the Eels
Near to Death Near to Life

The town with which we fell asleep
and got up together
seems to be leaving
Deaf are its places of happiness
crammed with things we don’t remember
Have we travelled the roads of our own choice
or were we negligent when we thought
that someone pushed the sun toward sunset
It would’ve been better if we’d believed
that we wavered into its shadow

The town emerges from the night’s ruins
The lights of its windows
travel southward
The people get on it silently
The people get off it silently
Near to death near to life

AuthorSrbo Ivanovski
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