The Night Is Darkest Before the Dawn

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The Night Is Darkest Before the Dawn

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it’s cold at night
mr. koala
while i have my jim beam barefooted
thinking about math,
bats and all that jazz
blues plays
as usual
nothing more to say
”do you think you can get away with this” she says
as he is led to the courtroom deep down in the tv screen
no, i say, but it’s worth of trying

it’s cold
mr. koala
but i surely would like to meet you
the branches here are thick and strong
hold on to this thought
while i light another cigarette
i look at my reflection in the window
pour another
sip two more
math, baths and all that jazz
but who cares
as i kiss my wife goodnight

keep on rolling

there is a cross lighten up
i see through the branches
it’s been a while since my last poem
few years or so
math, beds and all that jazz
through the tv screen, chopin and all the blues

”i am a very lucky child”, says the boy on the tv screen.
i agree. i am.

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