The Night Is Darkest Before the Dawn

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The Night Is Darkest Before the Dawn

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look, i said to myself, how
your hand gets heavier while
you lift your glass. look,
how the world is slow,
sluggish as summer sultriness.
look, i mumble, how slowly
the drops pour into your gullet –
like pearly drops over sand.

look at your chest, look
how calmly it lies
under your chin, look, almost
not moving – your chest
is silent, full of clear
mountain water which
sunrise colors pour. look,
slowly something flashes.

look, i say to myself, your glass
is empty as a confused silence,
look, open your eyes wide
and look – how it is to live alone.

11.07.2008 18:34

Translated by the author, edited by Elizabeta Bakovska

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