Premature Awakening

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Premature Awakening

Premature Awakening
A Child"s Confession
The Smell of Morel For my father
Warm Blood
Would You Like Some Water?
Water, oh Yes!
The Great Mother

”I am her.
I rest on my crossed legs
and my hips are heavy with life
and have swelled so much
that they are almost severed from me
and are no more mine and no more here.
The whole world is my home.

Just like that:
I have the power to be
in different places at the same time.

I am constantly in touch with the erotic
procreation of a living, yet mortal world –
I turn into a Book of changes
I change my name, I swap symbols
and narratives, I cast off people
I change the casting
but keep the roles!

I, who communicate with the spiritual,
am fit for the worldly:
earth and sea, the Moon and the cold!
Oh, what contradiction:
to be a woman, a principle of fertility
and to carry a negative, passive
sign, an archetypal minus
rhythmical inserts from
life and death!

Who can give if not the one who has?

I, the matrix, the belly, the womb,
a mature, a calm, a wise matron
from the Other world
(no, this one has never been enough to me!)
order you:
enter the sea
don’t think of weakness
for you never know
how long you can go
in pain, and in delight

swim as far as you can see
and see far away, even further
I speak shrewdly at the cape
I speak in my motherly tongue
(oh, what relief, what comfort!)
and give you strength
not consolation!

Later you’ll read my palm
you’ll read the broken line of my life
rendered in 64 hexagrams of the enigma

and he will insert in the rebus
a line, straight, prosaic
a positive dash.

A male synopsis!”

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