To This Small and Cold Age
One Man
The Sound of the Soul
Writing a Poem
To the Macedonian Author
Epistle to the Sarajevo Chronicler Izet Sarajlic

There is one there is one
very very much a man –
As if he were all of humanity!
As if he were a living God!

There is one man
Who is more than man in a man:
Distilled philanthropy!
Twice refined beauty!

He gives you the warmth
Of his soul to warm on it;
He gives you the clarity
Of his mind for your success…

He sees you with his words,
He talks to you with his eyes –
Talks little – does a lot
And clads you in care.

If you meet him, you’ll earn
yourself luck for life,
You see him – you become a seer,
You lose him – you become a loser.

There is such a multi-man
Go ahead and find him –

AuthorGane Todorovski
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