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Poetry – Damir Šodan

Aisha Kandisha
Durruti 1936
On the Train to Cascais
The Temptation of St. Anthony
Poetry In Small Language

The Temptation of St. Anthony


now you know that the force
that elongated the legs of those horses
so unrelentingly
once rested in the belly
of the village crucifix.

but man is blind
as he dreams of soccer
allowing fluttering bats to land
on his narrow soldierly shoulders.

if you wish to know
something about religion
you must first try
sex on X,
middle-aged prom queens,
the Old Testament or bungee jumping.

generally speaking: something a little

Dalí knew that from the beginning.

of course there is no God
when you’re kneeling
below a cash-machine.

AuthorDamir Šodan
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