That Was a Day when the Sun and the Rain Made Love
Stone and Wind
Genesis of the Water: First Sounds
Genesis of the Water: Our Time
Genesis of the Water: Evil Day
Me & Tom Waits
The Beer is Echoing through the Remembrances
From Blue towards Black

she ran into fear
when she dived in my manuscripts
and for her my water was kind
 too deep
so she lost her breath

she was trembling from inside
if as the sea in her was running away from my sea
and while the footsteps were carrying her away
 (what a treacherous sound!)
my forests were going deaf

for three nights i was looking for her in the dream
three overcomes three floods

three women i met three mouths were biteing me

i called her so i could stay
so the water shouldn’t expire
so the walls wouldn’t become stronger and
other lightnings could roam through my room

the rain is counting off
our meeting

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