Mushi, mushi

/, Blesok no. 51/Mushi, mushi

Mushi, mushi

The world

Suddenly. The wind of
cherry branches vibrates
a thought. No – a bird!

A ridged bird.
Unbolted by wind.
Who opens the door?

Swollen atoms.
An eruption of energy. I am bound
by explosion.

A sparkle of light
the blurred face
written in mirrors.

Through an open
sky, the call of angels &
the silence of snow.

The bitter scent of fruit
is not lost. Autumn
falls away.

A network of signals.
The rifle’s steel instills
the fear of death in birds.

Fragile worlds
play in emptiness.
Flashes through darkness.

Words have fallen
asleep in silence’s heart.
No trails.

AuthorMilan Dekleva
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