Love Dies and Other Poems

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Love Dies and Other Poems

Love Dies…
If I Could…
A Small Blade of Grass in the Field…
We Have Been through So Much
Plain Madness
We Were, and Now We Are Not
An Old Testament Woman

If you had not been in my life
I would not have been
what I am now
if I have not been with you
all of this time
you too would be different

So, no matter how much we want
to see or not to see
each other,
we are parts of each other
I am a part of you and you of me
and nobody asks us

Life is still beautiful, exciting
and we, as we are
in these heavy bodies
eating, drinking, smoking,
speaking, walking, sleeping
growing old and dying
with no power to feel clearly
sometimes we are only left
why a dog, without a visible reason
comes to us to pat him
or why a simple song (just like that)
moves us to cry

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