Love Dies and Other Poems

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Love Dies and Other Poems

Love Dies…
If I Could…
A Small Blade of Grass in the Field…
We Have Been through So Much
Plain Madness
We Were, and Now We Are Not
An Old Testament Woman

Here, in the Balkans
your neighbour is like a relative
and even more than that
depending on the occasion

You can borrow from him
a cup of oil, some sugar,
a potato, two onions
a bottle of rakija – if you have guests
the water system key, a screwdriver
chairs for the party, a table
and so on…

If a family member dies
he carries the casket
if a child is born
he’s the first to congratulate you
if you take a holiday,
he waters the flowers,
and he feeds the cat,
if you have one

Here, in the Balkans
where the neighbour is like one of your own
they say – it’s bad
maybe Canada is better

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