Goddess of the Feral Cats

/, Blesok no. 63/Goddess of the Feral Cats

Goddess of the Feral Cats

Plastic attempt for a suicide
Obsession First
That Night
Midnight Happenings
I, You, the Earth

Heads Every night lots of heads Dark heads
Empty Undefined facial expressions
Monotonous Dark heads placed next to each other
Dark like the soil Like the anemic sky Like un-blood water
The men are elevation handicapped
They believe in the power of the battery toys
Then at the toilet – ballerinas with batteries – strange female persons
Are inviting me to share the moment – to experience a mutual relief
It’s so funny from today’s perspective
But so irritating at the moment

Someone asks for my cellular number
It is so recognizable and boring

My gears are mixed

I only desire my mysterious on-line lovers

AuthorAleksandra Dimitrova
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