Goddess of the Feral Cats

/, Blesok no. 63/Goddess of the Feral Cats

Goddess of the Feral Cats

Plastic attempt for a suicide
Obsession First
That Night
Midnight Happenings
I, You, the Earth

My co-driver could be my competition
In any beauty contest
Your phallus erodes
The co-driver looks like an antic sculpture in her every manner
My attempt to fit in your provincial style
Now seems funny
Now I make stories about me and the co-driver
Now everything is different
Without feelings
Without fear
Without hopes
With an animal need to connect with the co-driver
A need to touch his veins
A need to feel his statuesque fingers
A need to get attention in his crotch

Who do you travel with?

AuthorAleksandra Dimitrova
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