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from “Mister Today”

A Desolate One
Enough Hiding
Gospel According to Plotinus
A Comparative One
Cantata after Plotinus
Self-inflicted Modesty
Manifesto of Love
There is No Silence
Plotinus kiss
Hölderlin’s Eagles
Spirit Flame
Cosmopolitan Ode
A Nautical One
A Radio One
A Bird
Happy Carpet
Press Conference
Monday’s Overture
A Famous Person’s Translation
Mister Today, a Doctor from Ossetia
The Last One to Go
Toy Blocks
Delicious Whiteness of Corn

Mister Today, this pathetic creature, knew:
today it is you who eats from my soul
and from my barking heart.
The flame of my spirit is high and generous.
My genius is the light in the hub of the universe,
but my share in it is the contribution of vermin.
I am nothing and light is everything.
The green life of plants reaches
into the last corner of serene joy,
which is a small gift I give you.
I rest in peace in the gravest depths of absent silence.

Bratislava, 25th Oct. 1999

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